Sunday, January 5, 2014

Taking Back the Blog

Gwyn here at the keyboard.
My friend Polly, who's Mom has a lovely blog called Graceful Greyhounds, is worried about my Mom's blog...and by extension, worried about me. She thinks there have been way too many pix of cats on the blog lately and not nearly enough of me. She was so alarmed by this trend that she sent me an invite to come live with her. While I would love to visit her and her Mum, I would miss my home here.

Polly, I know you find it hard to believe, but I really do like my kittehs. And my humans do still take good care of me...even if they haven't been showing you daily pix of how lovely I am. Today I got to play with my favorite toy before the rain moved in. So I guess I'll stay here...but I'm gonna' put my paws down and hound Mom into remembering that the only animal who's mentioned in her blog title is DOG!


Hazel said...

I'm so glad that Polly let you know of the problems with (too many cats)! I was beginning to think that your mom had gone over to the dark side! It's okay to love the kittens as long as you are still the star!

Fleur and Power

Sue said...

Gwyn, I am so glad that your mum has come to her senses. My mum likes the kitties, but I really can take only one or two photos and frankly you are the star of the blog.

The invitation is left open, so that might keep your mum on her toes;)

Lovely photos of you. Is that a Frisbee?

Kat said...

Polly: My toy is similar to a Frisbee; it's an "Extreme Flyer" made by Kong. Mom likes it because it flies like a Frisbee, but is soft rubber and won't hurt my mouth if I catch it in mid-flight.