Saturday, January 4, 2014

It's a 3-Cat Day

(As opposed to a 3-dog night!) Note that there's really not much size difference...except that it won't be long before Willow's the smallest! And, yes, Spike's tail is frequently that puffed--even when he's not doing anything in particular! We've started referring to him as the snow leopard!

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Sue said...

Gwyn, Polly here. I have asked my mum and she says I can invite you to come and live with us. I told her how awful it must be to live in a house with three pesky cats. when I told her your mum was putting lots of photos of them on the blog, but not many of you, she couldn't believe it.

Anyway, you pack your bags and let us know when your flight get's in here and we will come and pick you up. Love Polly