Monday, January 6, 2014

Miscellaneous Natterings

Random pix and observations...
Not trick photography...Spike is almost as big as Willow.
Quick! Turn your head - she grabbed her camera!

It's a great box!
These are part of my childhood Christmases. Mom still gets them out and sets them up every year :D Rudolph turned 50 this year and Santa is a spry 49. Not sure if the Christmas tree would feel complete without them.
Mom & Dad's big boy, Trouble. For those not up-to-speed, he spent the first few weeks of life under and around our deck. His mom belonged to our next-door neighbor.
Mom & Dad's other cat. She has multiple names...depending on who you ask! Her main name is Princess. She looks sweet here, doesn't she? She was originally fostered by the same wonderful vet friend who rescued Xander and Spike! They share a lot of personality traits :D
This coffee mug was one of our Christmas presents. The Jean Dale is a fishing vessel that was owned and worked by LoML's grandfather. After he passed away the family donated the boat to the Core Sound Waterfowl Museum where it was restored and placed on display.

This picture is typical of recent events in our household. If you look closely, you'll see a black boot string on the floor in between Xander's tail and his back foot. He's obsessed with strings. That's all he wants to play with these days. We have multiple strings throughout the house. If somebody's not actively playing string with him, Xander will flop down on or beside a string and try to psych someone into playing. As I type this, he's fallen asleep on top of one.
Before Polly starts fussing too much, allow me to return to the star of the blog:
No matter what the kitties are doing, Gwyn's generally nearby, keeping an eye on them.


Kat's sis said...

Wow, you got a magical *levitating* Jean Dale coffee mug as well as an amazingly large Spike!

Sue said...

Lovely photos. How nice to have given the boat to the museum, so the memory of your granddad can live on. Just think of how many people will see it.

I am glad you finally put a photo of Gwyn in todays post. Polly was hovering over my shoulder and muttering something that sounded like 'there's those pesky cats again', but then she saw Gwyn, the star of the blog;)