Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hey! Where's the Hound Time?!

Gwyn here at the keyboard. I think Mom's lost her mind over that little fuzzball that's invaded our home!
I mean, the blog is "Dog Gone Right" not "Kitten Gone Horribly Wild"...He's okay and all, but there should be way more pix of me!
Look how fast I am!
I can kill that extreme flyer too!
Okay. I admit. I do kinda' like snuffling the little guy. Mom says I'm being very good (why, of course!). I've even sniffed of him while he's on the couch and then walked off & gotten on my bed. My auntie says Mom should put this warning in a big banner across the top of the blog:
I think she's talking about things like this:
Mom says one funny things about kittens is that sometimes they're just too fast:
I dunno what she means. Nobody's fast like me :D

Friday, July 27, 2012

The's Non-Stop!

Not sure how I'm expected to do anything like blog...much less go to work (to earn money for PetSmart shopping sprees) when there's something extremely cute happening all the time! I was in our home office downloading pix for this post but LoML kept calling me back to the living room for more photo ops :D I was starting with things like this:
And had to come back for shots like these:
The quick pack report as follows: Gwyn is doing remarkably well considering that before Sunday evening she had no idea that cats came in this size & made squeaky noises exactly like toys!

She's okay as long as he's on us or on furniture with us...but not to be trusted with him zipping around on the floor just yet. No worries...we've been practicing appropriate responses. I've been putting her leash & turnout muzzle on her and getting her to lie on the floor with me and let him zip all around. She gets lots of praise and belly rubs when she diverts some of her attention away from him and relaxes. Yesterday on two different occasions he zipped up and swatted her...once on an ear from behind her head and once on the end of her turnout muzzle head-on! She didn't flip out either time so it's a good start. I don't think he's too concerned, do you?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cuteness Xplosion

Oh the cuteness! It can be hard to take!!
Almost more than you can stand.
The swings between manic action and sound asleep can be abrupt too!
By this weekend I'll try to find time to update you on how the rest of the pack is dealing :D

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Xander Report

Well, actually, more just a pictorial report...too many new elements in the routine to have time to report now. Will prepare my written report soon. But for now:
"Mom! Seriously! What am I supposed to do with that?!"

Sunday, July 22, 2012


So...the grief process for Oz continues...some days are better than others. As all who have gone through this know, it takes time for the acute pain to recede...but life goes on.

Our friend, a vet, reached out to us about a very special little boy she'd saved who needs a very special forever home. He's only about 5 weeks old now. Three weeks ago someone brought him to her to be euthanized. Being the kind of person she is, she decided to give him a couple of days. Something had happened to wound him and he's lost the sight in his right eye. It's basically closing up on its own...he's too tiny for any sort of surgical procedure. His left eye still needs treatment, but he has sight in it and hopefully it will heal just fine. Other than that...and being tiny...he's fine!

As long as Gwyn and Willow accept him, he'll have his forever home here. I've been talking to them for several days about him...they just really had no idea what I meant! I'm hopeful that Willow's mothering instinct will kick in and she'll decide she likes having an itty bitty baby kitty all her own.

His name is Xander. For any who didn't realize, we had named Oz & Willow based on characters from the TV series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (a fun little show we always was better than the name suggests!). Anyway, with Oz gone, it only seemed right that Willow should have Xander...another character from the show.
 You'll hear much more of him in the coming days. For now, I have to go check on him! :D

Friday, July 20, 2012

Sweet Boys

My friend's cats:
Lyle - the elder statesman
Gary - the 'baby'

Thursday, July 19, 2012

More Random Stuff

Taken on a walk in my neighborhood
Our lace-cap hydrangea

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Goofiness...feline & canine

Friends' cat Sadie...that's a back foot spread in front of her face :D

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Random Natterings

Admittedly, my blogging is still sporadic. Some day I may fully come to terms with the crazy, frenetic pace of my life and the fact that I can't possibly cram everything in that I want to...or think I can...At any rate, since I've been neglecting you (the two of you out there that I know check this thing!) I figured I'd bombard you with all sorts of random shots...

The fascination with the Purple Martins continues:
They gathered on the roof at Sammy's house
Love the tail shape!
A coup! Capturing stationary and in flight!

LoML & I went over to Cape Lookout Saturday...I can't resist taking pictures of seagulls...this guy was very interested in whether or not I had any food to share:

On the way over there we always slow down at this particular buoy to check on the osprey family. These birds are truly magnificent! I'm pretty sure they mate for life. I know they like to return to the same nest each year to raise their offspring. They had two babies this year...the babies are now almost as big as mom & dad! One of them is in between here...lying down and looking directly at my camera..the other is behind the parent bird on the right...if you look at his (?) breast you can just see it behind...

Some day soon I'll tell you all about Buster. He's the beautiful English Pointer that my parents rescued...He & Gwyn got to meet up on a walk on Sunday and we had a marvelous time. He's still underweight, but they're working on that and he's getting stronger by the day!

Finally, one of my dearest friends shared a recipe with me for chilled cucumber avocado soup. Made it Sunday night and ate it last night. It was fabulous! Here's the recipe: Chilled Cucumber Avocado Soup