Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Gwyn!!!

Today is Gwyn's birthday. She's five this year! Hard to believe! :D We decided to give her her birthday present a day early:
Okay, so that's only part of the story...but I have been asking her this week if she wanted another baby kitteh for her birthday! So, my friend, the vet who saved Xander and gave him a chance at life has been saving little kittens again!

Crashed in the crate on the way home

This little guy got into antifreeze a number of weeks ago. Only about 5% cats survive that. Maybe I have a soft spot for them since we had one survive antifreeze when I was growing up. This baby had a very high fever and has had some neurological damage (his head wobbles...a lot...he sometimes runs into things..), plus he's deaf (although that's likely from the white cat/blue eyes genetic thing. But he's a happy baby!

My friend was looking for someone to foster him. We don't "do" fostering. When I can, I'm happy to contribute money and/or supplies to help animals in need. I admire people who foster. I can't do it. Pretty much, if they come into my house, they're staying! So, I was particularly drawn to this little guy and hopeful that he'd make a good playmate for Xander...maybe Willow could get some peace in her golden years (maybe I'm delusional and they'll gang up on her!). We've taken him in with the understanding that my friend will take him back if it's too upsetting for Willow or Xander....'cause, it's definitely not too upsetting for Gwyn! :D

Tomorrow I'll share more pix of the initial adjustment and tell you his name...which I think I already know, but want to confirm that LoML and I are in agreement...


Kat's sis said...

Happy birthday Gwyn! Best present ever!! He's beautiful. Here's hoping the transition works. (And yes, I think you're delusional: Willow has my deepest sympathy.) ;-D

What Remains Now said...

Happy Birthday, Gwyn! I can't think of a better birthday present than another kitteh for you to mother. Hope the transition works. Pretty sure Xander will appreciate the new "partner in crime." Praying for Willow.

Sue said...

Happy birthday Gwyn.

So is the kitten called Frosty?:) He sure is lovely.

Hazel said...

I like the dogs licking the kitten! Such friends!