Friday, September 20, 2013

Sunset Study

Yesterday the sky was so amazing (as it so often is around here) that I "had" to stop off at the bridge both on my way in to work in the morning, and on my home from the barn in the evening. These two are straight out of the camera...only reduced the file size for uploading:

This one, though, I played around with a's the "full size" shot (i.e. shrunk file size, but didn't crop)...I've messed around with the colors a bit...what all do you see?:
Now I'm going to crop a bit...

Now a bit more...and from a couple of different sections....did you know all that was in the original shot?

For the record, I was wearing my sunglasses and shooting semi-blind (trying not to look into the sun too much!) and so, while I knew the pelican was flying in and out of my shots, I didn't actually realize the shrimp boat was back there!


Sue said...

Lovely sunsets. I am lucky that we get fab sunsets out the sea direction.

Hazel said...

good job for someone with their eyes squinted against the sun!

What Remains Now said...

Isn't it lovely when you get this beauty added to the day? Wonderful photos.