Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Best Birthday Ever!

So, apologies for not getting this posted yesterday...we're a bit wide-open around here what with a new baby to keep an eye on! :D And that's exactly what Gwyn does....she follows him around...
making sure all is well...she's a *very* good mommy doggie!
Yes, he's still on probation...but it's looking pretty good for the little guy, so I might as well go ahead and tell you that his name is Spike. Again, folks, it's the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" scheme for naming cats and if you didn't watch the tv series then, oh well.

For a little guy who's already ahead of the odds and been through a lot, he's pretty bold. He explores everywhere...and is followed by an entourage everywhere he goes! Some of the entourage are admirers and some...well...they just don't know what to think!
A good shot of that lovely tail!
And those ears! Oh my!
Willow's surprisingly tolerant...she seems relieved that some of Xander's attention is off of her; I'm pretty sure I caught her inviting a neighborhood cat in yesterday! I think she's decided "the more, the merrier!"

Xander likes to claim spaces.
The old kitten cube has about had it...it's still loads of fun even though it can't stay upright any more...I broke out a new one shortly after Spike got here and now he plays with both.

Itteh bitteh kitteh butt shot:

Xander's not sure he yet approves of having his tail attacked...but he used to attack it quite a bit himself...he's on the verge of giving in and playing.
Once again, it's tiring work keeping an eye on each other.

Stay tuned for more adventures!


What Remains Now said...

So far, so good. I love the shot of all three of them snoopervising Spike. Can't wait to hear more. Keep that camera handy.

Sue said...

Gwyn is sure smitten:)

I loved Buffy.