Friday, May 17, 2013

LoML's Garden

Last year on the blog I started at the beginning of spring telling you about the wonderful garden that LoML was planting. But I fell down on the job and didn't post updates as it progressed. (For you Brits in the audience I am referring to a vegetable and herb garden here...not just what us commoners over here call a "yard" :D ) He's done even more work preparing this year's garden and I intend to redeem myself by following its progress better this year. So here's some pix as we get things going...
It's entirely fenced in now. Even though Gwyn takes her job of vermin patrol seriously, she can't resist the occasional dig and/or personal business in the garden if allowed.

I love the new solar light with its copper cap.
This side is for the herbs.
The main section...
This side has a higher fence for the sugar-snap peas to climb.
This bird house was made by LoML's great-aunt who was a dear woman. Some little wrens were working on their nest while we were prepping and planting some of the veggies and didn't let our presence deter them.
These guys are on the side of LoML's shop.

Someone was not happy about not being able to supervise up close, but kept an eye on us.


What Remains Now said...

That is no small garden. It will be a blast seeing it at different times. LoYL should be very proud. It is beautiful.

Sue said...

Lovely photos. I am looking forward to seeing the garden progress.

I adore Gwyn's flop over ears.