Thursday, May 16, 2013

Silver Linings

I know! I know! I've been MIA for over two weeks!

Sometimes, by necessity, your world can get very very small. It occurs to me that in an age where a lot of us (myself included) are so wired in that we have friends all over the globe it can be an odd experience to pull back from. But it's not necessarily a bad thing. It's just life. In all its richness. With silver linings to be found.

Am I rambling? Perhaps. I'm a bit out of practice here :D The quick version is that my normally hectic schedule went from busy to full-out wackadoodle. Go figure. A few weeks ago the owner of Solana's barn went into the hospital unexpectedly just before his gelding, Geronimo, needed to start chemotherapy treatments for his eye three times a day. Also during this time I succumbed to one of the evil viruses that's going around. No fun. But I did start off talking about silver linings, didn't I? Well, none of this started until after Solana had gotten completely off "restriction". That same barn owner went above and beyond in making adjustments to bring Solana back to good health from her illness this past winter. I am grateful that I was in a position to help take care of his horse when he needed it most.

Plus, I may have mentioned before that I consider 'Mo to be Solana's knight in shining armor. From the very first day she moved to a new barn for the first time years ago and I asked 'Mo to look out for her, he's taken that duty very seriously. And with that he earned a special place in my heart!


What Remains Now said...

I hope Mo is doing well. Wow! 3 times a day plus crazy are a hero.

Sue said...

Hope Mo is doing ok. Also hope his owner is home from hospital soon.

Hope life calms down for you. You take care.