Saturday, May 18, 2013

Itty Bitty Kittehs

I think I mentioned a few weeks ago that a friend had unexpectedly lost her cat to a sudden illness. She went out to the local shelter a few days later and adopted two little sisters! :D I was so tickled when she met me at my car after work one evening to introduce me. Is there anything cuter???
I know that not everyone can dive back in (so to speak) right after losing a pet, but I loved the fact that my friend wanted to try to make the difference in one--or two!---lives as soon as she could. God Bless pet rescuers everywhere!


What Remains Now said...

How wonderful and I know the two kittens will help heal her heart. Speaking of of Xander and Willow, please.

Sue said...

Well done to your friend. What better way to honour the passing of a beloved pet than to give another a loving home.

They are so cute, but puppies dare I say would be cuter:)