Thursday, January 17, 2013

Milk - It Does a Kitten Good

While Xander has certainly had his share of kitten formula, I want to talk about the milk we buy... it's not just for drinking. Well, the milk is, but each plastic container comes with a free kitten toy! Those little plastic rings can provide hours of entertainment! (We have a friend that saves these for us.) You need a pretty good supply of them, as they do tend to get lost under the stove, 'frig, etc. Here are some shots of how we play with them. Took these using the "sport continuous" setting on my Nikon. They're not quite as high res, but they do capture even speedy little kitteh action!

He does love to carry his toys around!

Bows still remain one of his favorite toys :D


Sue said...

Just like a child who prefers the wrapping to the actual present:)

What Remains Now said...

I agree with Sue. My aunt used to save these for a friend with a kittie that just loved them!