Saturday, January 19, 2013

Listen to your Hound!

They'll tell you things. If only you listen. So, I've told you before about Sammy, the sweet, older, gentleman golden retriever who lives down the road. The one that Gwyn adores. Well, we hadn't seen him in a little bit. We don't always walk by his house and then some days when we do he's either inside or he's already gone to work with his dad.  So the other day Gwyn and I walked by the house with no sign of Sammy. This particular day we had walked much farther than we usually do and we were both getting a bit tired. By the time we passed by Sammy's Gwyn kept getting slower and slower. I jokingly asked her if we needed to call LoML to come get us in the car. When she stopped walking completely, I knelt down to talk to her and see if she really needed a rest. As I stood back up, thinking we could make it the roughly two blocks back home as long as we went slowly. I glanced back only to realize that Sammy was lying behind the steps that lead up to his house :D Gwyn knew. She was stalling to either give Sammy a chance to come out and chat, or for me to realize he was there :D Needless to say, we went back and had a lovely chat.

Moral of the story: always listen to your hound!

Would you like to play with my ball?

I love Sammy!


What Remains Now said...

So sweet! Looks like Gwyn has good taste regarding the gentlemen.

Sue said...

For a minute I thought this wouldn't have a happy ending:( So glad it did and Gwyn got to play with her Sammy.