Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Remember This?

Remember this picture:
It was taken shortly after we brought itty bitty rescue kitty Xander to his forever home with us. Shortly after Gwyn took it upon herself to raise him up as her baby kitteh and took it upon herself to be his doggy momma....Well, if you keep feeding the boy, lavishing love on him (including in the form of replacement milk courtesy of his 'Auntie"!), then this is what he turns into in a few short months:
Just like in the first photo, he's sitting on the chessboard. Yes, it's the same chessboard. The same one where he was just barely taller than the king! Now look at him!!!
I took the last two pix this past weekend while we were watching football games. In case you're wondering, Xander is staring up at the pull-chains on the ceiling fan and wondering why he can't jump up and grab them. This is one of the things he wonders about a lot. In our "bamboo room" (so named because we put in bamboo flooring) that houses our washer/dryer and also our exercise equipment he does the same thing. Sometimes he climbs up on the elliptical machine to get a better view of the ceiling fan. He now weighs enough that sometimes he moves the pedals on the elliptical enough to make the control panel light up! :D  I fully expect to come in some day and find him swinging from one or the other of them!


Jay said...

He's certainly grown into a handsome cat, hasn't he? I can just imagine his fascination with the ceiling fans!

Sue said...

By heck he sure has grown. I thought you were going to say, one day you'd come in and find him using the gym equipment:)

What Remains Now said...

What a perfect illustration. Look how little Xander used to be!