Sunday, January 20, 2013


Xander has several. The first was given to him by his 'auntie' who rescued him and led him to us: The Orange Menace...OM for short. This nickname is most appropriate when he's in one of his wild kitten phases, tearing around the house and generally terrorizing everybody. When he's wild....he's WILD!!! Oh, but then when he's sweet....well then, he's still a sweet little baby kitteh and that's when he becomes: 'My Little Smoochie'. Don't ask me where that came from...I just started calling him that one day. When I took the following pictures, LoML declared he was being 'SubSmoochie'. (That's the subwoofer he's sitting on.)

While he's still growing rapidly, he's in a round phase...I swear he's not as fat as this picture makes him look! (He's so fluffy!!!!) (Sorry. Inside joke. Despicable Me reference.)

There's not yet another nickname regarding his tail. But it is truly an impressive appendage, bordering on being its own separate entity (a fact that Xander's still trying to work out in his little kitteh mind). But I will say that sometimes when I see it:
All that cream-colored fluff in front of his face is the afore-mentioned appendage!
I think of this:


Sue said...

My Polly sdays for a cat, he is handsome;)

What Remains Now said...

Just back from a heavenly vacation, so I'm playing catch-up today. I love nicknames. They're very telling.