Friday, January 4, 2013

Ain't No Sunshine..

..when she's gone. I mentioned at least once that the 'rents (parents) rescued Buster, an English Pointer earlier this year. He's doing fabulously...has put on weight, gotten healthier, and is spoiled rotten--as he was meant to be. And he is most definitely a momma's boy! The 'rents were off visiting my bro' & his family and I was left on critter duty. One of Buster's routines includes catching a bit of winter sunshine mid-morning. His pen doesn't get winter sun and most every day Mom takes him out for a while and chains him out in another part of the yard that gets sun. He does well on a line and will follow the sun until it moves off and then bark for Mom to put him back into his pen, where he can also go in & out of his garage and dog house. (His training of Mom is coming along nicely.) Unfortunately for him, it seemed as if every day that I wasn't working was a rainy day! I've learned that this now retired hunting dog doesn't like to walk in the rain either :D Sounds like another retired hound I know! I think I did a decent job and Buster really likes me...but I'm a poor substitute for Mom! I'm sure he was ecstatic upon her return last night.
Singing for his supper (He suspects I don't know I'm supposed to feed him without him telling me!)

Watcher #1

Watcher #2

I may not have been spending 30 minutes a day walking with Gwyn so far this month, but have been with Buster (not to mention Solana). Now that Mom's back, I'll transfer that time back to my own spoiled rotten hound.


What Remains Now said...

I love Buster singing for his supper. Those hounds (especially the hunting ones) sure can talk. It must have been a comfort to have "the watchers" keep tabs on everything. I know Gwyn will be happy to have your attention back (as long as it isn't raining).

Sue said...

I am sure Buster was spoilt by you, but there's no substitute for your own well trained slave:)

Lythrum said...

He was lucky to have such a good substitute mom. :)