Saturday, January 5, 2013

M&M Designs Rocks!

I told you Gwyn had the best Christmas a hound ever had...but she didn't know that she was getting more presents! (Although this wasn't really a Christmas present...something I'd been wanting to get her for a while. And since she's getting ready to go stay at the nice hotel again soon [you'll hear lots about that, don't worry!] the timing was perfect.) I'd been surfing around on the net, looking at different greyhound coats and wound up on eBay. That's where I found M&M Designs This is a link to their website where you can order custom-made coats and collars and stuff. But they also have an eBay store where I found a coat and snood already made and ready to ship! (What's a "snood" you ask? You'll see.) I measured Gwyn and just knew the color would look smashing on her. I had read a review that mentioned how they put love into everything they make...I still wasn't prepared to open my mailer and find this: 
I didn't special-order the gift wrapping--what a sweet touch!
The coat has a collar that you can fold back or flip up to help cover her neck and then a separate "snood" that covers her neck for those super-cold days :D The snood even "sticks" to the collar of the coat with velcro.
Problem is, Gwyn didn't want to pose for pictures...she wanted to be up close and personal with me and tell me a) how much she likes her new duds and b) (and most importantly!) it's time to walk!!!
I'm ready!
LoML had to help hold her for one second but she clearly wasn't in the mood to pose for long. (No, he's not holding her by the ear!)

See my kitteh?
So that you can see how pretty it is:
There's even this beautiful little pocket, perfect for storing Greyhound Friends of NC business cards to give out  so people know how to get their very own grey:
 She *knew* she was a fashionista on our walk!!!


Sue said...

WOW! Really snazzy.

Had to smile at the photo where LoML had to hold her. Polly always moves when I am trying to take a photo. Thank goodness for digital cameras:) It's not just a Grreyhound thing, as mt dad's Staffie does it as well.

Kat's sis said...

She's beautiful! Love the little pocket!

Kat said...

I know, right? Love it!

What Remains Now said...

What a pretty color. Funny that Gwyn suspected that particular piece of fashion meant a walk. Smart girl!