Thursday, January 3, 2013

One Word 2013

It's Lori's fault :D I'm copying her. Sort of. She shares these great ideas. When I saw her post about this year's one word, I knew what mine needed to be: Simplify. I've been moving in this direction for a long time now. This is the year to act on it! If I put it out there in the blogosphere then maybe I'll be compelled to follow through. Maybe my wonderful blogging buddies like Lori will feel free to give me a gentle nudge (shove!) if I'm not...

Anyway, thanks to Melanie at Only a Breath I have my very own one word button! (She's johnny-on-the-spot with the requests too!) Go check out her introductory post about the idea behind One Word and her explanation of the button: One Word Blog Buttons What a fabulous way to spread positive energy through the web!

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What Remains Now said...

What a great word! Isn't the button thing cool? I really do believe that "putting it out there" works. For me...I also have to get rid of the "all or nothing" thinking. I've made great progress in recent years, but always have to be on the lookout.