Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Art of Sleeping

Some of you poor souls may not realize that there's an art to sleeping. You can learn much from cats and hounds. Xander has his own unique style of preparing to take a nap..

You see, he's a leaner-cat. It makes sense when you realize that his greyhound mommy is a leaner-dog. Greys in general are leaner-dogs. They like to come up to you and just lean against you...the better for you to rub their ears, my dear! Xander puts a new twist on the leaning idea. Often (most of the time) when he's getting ready to lie down for a nap he starts by leaning up against the sofa back, armrest, wall, etc. like so:
Then, the slide-down begins...
The roll-over...
...and at some point, the end result is usually something like this:
Meanwhile, look over at the tree:
Okay, now take a closer look in the corner:
Someone has to stay awake to keep an eye on things...preferably from higher ground:


What Remains Now said...

Willow has it all under control. Xander just grew up before our eyes. He looks fluffier to me. Did he get fluffier? Gwyn cracks me up. All three of mine love those little out of the way spaces...they also love all of the other spaces too. Anywhere to take a good snooze. Your decorations look so beautiful. I hardly did any decorating this year. No particular reason, I just didn't get it done and then it was "too late" for me to get the energy up to do it. Fortunately, we're not entertaining much, so no one is the wiser.

Kat said...

I don't know if he got fluffier or if it just looks that way as there's more of him, but he's the fluffiest, softest cat I've ever been owned by! And, I'll let you in on a little've pretty much seen the entirety of our decorating! We got the tree up and the little ornament tree that's on the table (with only non-breakables this year!)...that's it! We usually decorate the outside with lights and garlands and stuff...same as you...just didn't get it done and now, well...there's always next year!