Friday, December 14, 2012

Upside Down Love

Good morning. Thought this morning I would share one of the typical interactions between mommydoggy (Gwyn) and her kitteh (Xander). Have I mentioned that Xander *loves* to dangle upside down and let the blood rush to his head? (I refer you back to the post "Long Drink of Water" from November 9th.) He loves to let LoML hold him upside down over Gwyn so that he can latch onto her head. She doesn't seem to mind too much....she schnuzzles his belly. They're a funny couple of critters!


What Remains Now said...

A girl and her kitty! I love Gwyn's markings. Her brindle is so vibrant and well-defined. I was showing a co-worker your blog the other day. She has an Arabian and was talking about horse ailments, in particular melanoma in light-colored horses, and I told her the only other person I knew who owned a horse was you and you were currently facing a challenge with Solana. She was very familiar with laminitis and the booties Solana is wearing. That has nothing to do with what I'm about to say, other than how we got to your blog. As soon as I pulled up your blog, she gasped at the beautiful picture you use of Gwyn in your header and she LOVED the picture you use as your profile picture. Is that you, Solana & Gwyn? All that to say, "Gwyn, you're pretty!"

Kat said...

You're so sweet! Yes, Gwyn does have lovely markings :D It's funny because she's changed colors over time. When we first adopted her, her white parts were solid her belly is much darker (she loves cooking in the sun!) and her white has more spots/freckles/brindle that shows through. She also changes season to season.

My profile picture is not us...though most people think it is...and it certainly could be! I bought the print from Greyhound Friends of NC back when we got Phil...they sell it in their seemed appropriate for us. It hangs in my office.

Tell your coworker my first horse was an Arabian/Quarter Horse cross and a very sweet boy.