Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Inner Anglophile Rejoices

I've told you before that I'm a hopeless anglophile. My condition is helped some (fed some?) by the fact that I have relatives in the UK. I've always loved accents and it makes me happy to listen to British voices...saying anything...I have the  BBC World News channel programmed as a favorite on my car's XM. It's not unusual for me to switch over to it just to hear the announcers even though I'm not really interested in the news. You also need to know that my brother worked for a period of time at a university in Manchester and would tell me about the "Man U" vs. "Man City" rivalry. Imagine my delight when ESPN (my current favorite TV channel) aired a commercial about the rivalry. I considered it a challenge to listen enough times without the translation to get most of the words down...but the translation was useful for the slang :D Enjoy!

First, without the translation (don't worry--at the end it tells you to click for translation but then goes away too fast, I have it as a separate video):

And now, the "huh?":