Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pack Interactions

While Xander is completely comfortable with his role as Master of All He Sees, the rest of the pack is still sorting things out...There's the ole' "I've got high ground and you don't":
And there's the "you may duck and run, but I'm still bigger than you":
And for some reason every time Gwyn gets near enough, her tongue is out licking him!

Willow is being incredibly patient, but has realized that periodically she's just going to have to bop him on the head to keep him in line.

Incidentally, we have two greyhound statues that are on the floor in the house (not counting the assorted ones on shelves, etc.) and Xander loves to crawl in and around both :D


Pepper Cory said...

Love the "Gwen as nanny" picture!

What Remains Now said...

You can just see Xander's pep in these pictures. Willow, sometimes a slap is the only answer for a baby kitty. Nice job keeping Xander clean, Gwyn.