Tuesday, August 14, 2012

More on Pack Matters

As we expected, the pack dynamic changes pretty much daily as the girls come to grips with the fact that Xander has taken over. This is close to what I've been waiting to see:
When I opened the bedroom door Sunday to see Willow pressing laundry (part of her normal weekend duties) and Xander right there I had to grab the camera. Turns out they weren't quite touching, but it's close. I'm sure she could feel his body heat. And his little kitten breath. Oh, that kitten breath! :D
I'm still not really sure what to say about this photo that I captured Monday evening:
Except that I think it's preparation for the 2016 Olympic games in the new event of "kitboxing". Judges say: 9.3 difficulty, 9.7 artistic impression.

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What Remains Now said...

Xander probably knows that dealing with something as big as Gwyn is going to require special moves.