Saturday, August 11, 2012

Health Care Kitten

So, I was home sick yesterday and so help me I could not stop myself from taking pix of Xander. I spent most of the day lying on the couch with him on me. I'd have my camera beside me. Xander would look so sweet and cute that I'd snap a few pix. Then I'd turn the camera off. Set it down.
Then he'd move...and do something like this:
or this:
and I'd have to take more pictures.
I could. Not. Stop.
These demonstrate how big he is in stretched-out mode...with a "regular" sized library book for comparison (a book which I'm hoping they won't ask why it has little holes in it when I return it!).


Pepper Cory said...

OMG-he's gonna be big-look at those feet!

Kat said...

I know, right! And to think he started off little for his age.

What Remains Now said...

No way could I pick a favorite in this adorable set of photos, but the one of him all stretched out is so sweet. He's home and safe.