Friday, July 27, 2012

The's Non-Stop!

Not sure how I'm expected to do anything like blog...much less go to work (to earn money for PetSmart shopping sprees) when there's something extremely cute happening all the time! I was in our home office downloading pix for this post but LoML kept calling me back to the living room for more photo ops :D I was starting with things like this:
And had to come back for shots like these:
The quick pack report as follows: Gwyn is doing remarkably well considering that before Sunday evening she had no idea that cats came in this size & made squeaky noises exactly like toys!

She's okay as long as he's on us or on furniture with us...but not to be trusted with him zipping around on the floor just yet. No worries...we've been practicing appropriate responses. I've been putting her leash & turnout muzzle on her and getting her to lie on the floor with me and let him zip all around. She gets lots of praise and belly rubs when she diverts some of her attention away from him and relaxes. Yesterday on two different occasions he zipped up and swatted her...once on an ear from behind her head and once on the end of her turnout muzzle head-on! She didn't flip out either time so it's a good start. I don't think he's too concerned, do you?

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What Remains Now said...

Boy, are you right! Major cuteness! I'm glad things are going well with Gwyn and Willow.