Sunday, July 22, 2012


So...the grief process for Oz continues...some days are better than others. As all who have gone through this know, it takes time for the acute pain to recede...but life goes on.

Our friend, a vet, reached out to us about a very special little boy she'd saved who needs a very special forever home. He's only about 5 weeks old now. Three weeks ago someone brought him to her to be euthanized. Being the kind of person she is, she decided to give him a couple of days. Something had happened to wound him and he's lost the sight in his right eye. It's basically closing up on its own...he's too tiny for any sort of surgical procedure. His left eye still needs treatment, but he has sight in it and hopefully it will heal just fine. Other than that...and being tiny...he's fine!

As long as Gwyn and Willow accept him, he'll have his forever home here. I've been talking to them for several days about him...they just really had no idea what I meant! I'm hopeful that Willow's mothering instinct will kick in and she'll decide she likes having an itty bitty baby kitty all her own.

His name is Xander. For any who didn't realize, we had named Oz & Willow based on characters from the TV series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (a fun little show we always was better than the name suggests!). Anyway, with Oz gone, it only seemed right that Willow should have Xander...another character from the show.
 You'll hear much more of him in the coming days. For now, I have to go check on him! :D


What Remains Now said...

Oh! I hope Willow and Gwyn say, "YES!"

Kat said...

:D Right now they're still saying "What the WHAT?!" but I think they'll come around. Gwyn's being good but gets a little too focused when he starts zipping around.

ken said...

Thanks Kat; Zander will do great with all that love bestowed on him. The founder of the "Charm School" Name was Zander and a good friend of ours named their German Shepard Zander .A good choice.