Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rescues Make Your Heart Smile

Good morning. I really need to get moving...but feel like sharing this morning after getting all warm inside reading about Bunny's birthday over at Tales and Tails (be sure to watch her video!) and thinking about finding Gwyneth :D
Today's pet who needs a forever home in support of Mayzie's Rescue Me Week is this sweetie:
Here's what PAWS has to say about her: Allie is a beautiful, black, spayed 4 year old female feline. Allie is a quiet cat who likes to spend hours looking out a window. She will help you with paperwork & mail and loves to play with pens on your desk. AKA little thief! She also insists on talking to you while on the phone until you give a free hand for a pet. What we adore and love about Allie: Short, sleek thick fur that feels plush, but sheds little. Will catch a misspelled word while helping out on your desk. A very soft purr motor Sleeps in the crook of your leg while in bed. Very elegant cat no matter what she is doing. Gets along well with other cats Loves to play with pens, pencils, and paper clips. Cons about Allie: Loves to clean her humans hands while being petted. Does not like dogs Steals pens, pencils, and paper clips. Contact: adopt@pawsofcarteret.org
You can view her info here: Alison on Petfinder
And...oh my! I had to follow the linkys from What Remains Now (the Declan version of 4 faves) to see what happened when Declan forgot his cat mantra as shown in this post
Have a greyt day!!!


Anonymous said...

She doesn't like DOGS?? Oh, well, she still seems like a real nice kitteh anyway. My momma has always said that one day she wants a black kitteh cuz they're SO very beautiful. And Alison is prolly one of the Most Beautifulest black kittehs out there!

My paws are crossed for her to finds her furever home soon!

Wiggles & Wags,

Kat said...

Yeah Mayzie...I know!...I just choose to think she hasn't met the right dog yet! :D