Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Christian the Lion

Okay, ready for a really sweet story? It's not even new news...but I really loved this story and wanted to share it. "The Today Show" ran this piece recently and a coworker told me about it. It's the story of two men who raised a lion cub in London in the late '60's. When he got too big they had him reintroduced into the wild through George Adamson (he and his wife, Joy, were the real people behind the movie "Born Free"--remember that one?). There's a video circulating on youtube of the guys' reunion with Christian (the Lion) one year after he was reintroduced into the wild. I recommend checking out The Today Show's coverage first: Then you can go to youtube...there are a number of different videos of the whole thing. I recommend this one: Let me know what you think. Oh, and if you're as big a softie as I am, have your kleenex handy when you view it!

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Just goes to show that "experts" don't always know everything. :)