Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cowboy Up!

Last weekend we went to a rodeo. It was my first rodeo and I had a blast. Made me want to jump on my horse and ride like the wind. :D

To me there was something so All-American about the whole thing. The sights, sounds, heck even the smells were thrilling.

The bulls? There were some huge ones! I really should have put some people in this shot to give you some perspective, but trust me--he was biiiiggg!

Pre-show we wandered around and checked everything out. A lot of bulls were penned together in small groups. We saw a bit of pawing, snorting and posturing going on. Some of them were decidedly grumpy.
After a little while I put the camera away and just enjoyed the show. My little Kodak point-and-shoot does pretty good with action shots, but is not well-equipped to handle this kind of lighting (it was dark with spotlights all around the perimeter).

I did really like this shot.

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Lythrum said...

Glad that you enjoyed the rodeo, I know that I always loved going to them when I was younger. Barrel Racing was always my favorite event. :) Glad to see you back!