Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bats, Mummies, Olympics, oh my!

Yep. It' s summer. Time for summer blockbusters. I've told you before that I'm a sucker for a summer blockbuster. You know the kind I mean: non-stop action, mind-boggling special effects, plot--well, plot optional. I can't help it. I don't know but that it's part ritual...something to do with going into a cold theatre on a hot day and totally suspending disbelief for a few hours of mindless fun. (Sidebar: they keep theatres so absolutely cold that I always have to have a sweater with me so I don't freeze completely!)

This year's selection includes the latest Batman and the latest in the Mummy series. We've been to both over the past two weekends. (Sidebar #2: As our home theatre system has improved we've gotten to the point that there are very few movies we'll go see in the theatre as opposed to waiting for it to come out on [now] Blu-Ray. I mean, really, there aren't crying babies or talking teenagers at our house, we can rewind when we miss some dialogue or pause for snacks or facility breaks.) Let's see, where was I? Oh, yes, movie reviews. Or commentary, as I won't go into detail. I'll just say that both LoML and I enjoyed both movies. I thought Dark Knight was very dark, but very well done. I found it somewhat difficult to watch Heath Ledger's performance without wondering how much that character got into his head.

The latest Mummy movie was much more light-hearted. I enjoy a good mix of action and comic relief. The only drawback to me was the lack of Rachel Weisz. I don't like when sequels use different actors to play the same character...I just have a really hard time believing the new actor. Oh well. I still enjoyed the flick.

The Olympics. I love the summer Olympics. With the coverage being broadcast on the internet I can finally see more of the events that I want to see most...like the equestrian events! I've already watched more of the dressage than I've ever seen in years previous. And Michael Phelps?! How great is it to watch him smash records???

Okay, I may discuss more later, but I have to run for now....

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Lythrum said...

Watching Michael Phelps win his eigth medal was so amazing. In all of the competitions watching these atheletes striving towards their dreams is a humbling experience for me.