Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Gwyn's Modeling Career

This post is long overdue. I started composing it back in December, but, well, things happen and it got pushed aside. My friend, Pepper, over at Pepper at the Quilt Studio has a line of fabrics. She was asked to do a project that could be blogged about on the site of one of her vendors (apologies if I got that bit wrong, Pepper!). Anyway, she took one of her "Peppered Cottons" and made a bandana for Gwyn. Her only request was that I take some pictures for her to send to the company she was doing it for.
 She picked a lovely plaid.
 And embroidered a "G"...for "greyhound," "Gwyn," or "good girl!"
 The back is a lovely red. It was an appropriate Christmas present for Gwyn...

 ...who modeled alone and with one of her kitteh-babies.


Hazel said...

Gwyn, you look very lovely in your special custom made bandana!

Sue said...

Looking good Gwyn. Sue, Polly & Honey