Thursday, April 2, 2015

Get Your Hound(s) Now!

 So this month I need to stop every now & then and tell you wonderful things about adopted greyhounds and why you should adopt one or three or five!

Gwyn is actually not a couch potato...she's just never even asked to get on the couch. But she does LOVE her this photo demonstrates:
Did I tell you the funny story about that particular hedgehog yet? Well the quick version is that it was supposed to be for a friend's dog but I let Gwyn ride in the back of my car without getting it out...when the ride was over the hedgehog came in with her! That's the second time she's gotten away with stealing babies that were supposed to be gifts!

She has a sheltie friend down the street. This little sweetie loves to run her fence-line and bark at us when we walk by:

I think it's the highlight of her day. Her owner has told me that she pouts on days we don't walk by there.

Dogs are funny. Go hug yours...and if you don't have any, go find one to hug!

1 comment:

Sue said...

On one of the walks round the village we pass a house with two Jack Russells and they run the boundary. My two girls get very excited:)

By the way, my girls say you can never have enough fur babies.

Hugs Sue, Polly & Honey