Saturday, January 11, 2014

More 'Splodin

It's true. I really do need to work more on my dog pix and start putting some of these cat pix up on The Orange Menace site (so much to do, so little time)...but having said that, I wanted to post something and then need to go spend time with the hound, so I'm posting something I already had almost ready to's more of "the normal business" around here....this happens Every. Day. It's almost more than a hooman can bear!

Note Spike's tongue out!

These next ones are not as high-quality shots 'coz I took them in low light on my cell phone and had to really edit them to make them visible...but we got new recliners recently and one day recently (weekend or holiday) I'd been cleaning up in the back of the house and come out to find LoML asleep in "my chair" in front of the his chair was already taken:

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Sue said...

So cute.

Polly asked if Gwyn was on your post. When I said no, she huffed and walked away:) LOL