Friday, January 10, 2014

Cool Stuff

While I posted pix of two of these on the side bar, I thought I'd explain a bit about each...and show you another cool thing. First my new magnet on the car:
It's a good way to remind me about my attitude (which can use frequent adjusting!). I may be barking less these days, but I've been guilty of a bit of growling. Hmmmm.

The next is a gift I managed to surprise LoML with at Christmas. I found it at Mum Fest, a local craft-type street fair held each October in New Bern, NC. The top of it is solar so that it does actually light up at night.
And then this:
This is an extreme's a glass necklace sent to me for Christmas by my very dear's been around my neck every day since I got it and I treasure it!


Sue said...

Loving the quote.

Hazel said...

both the necklace and the quote are wonderful!