Saturday, December 7, 2013


We've recently remodeled our guest bathroom. It's a small space and the one room we hadn't done much to over the years. We started by stripping it down to the studs. (By "we" I mean that LoML did some of the work and then subcontractors did some of the later work...)
They put down  new wood on the floor..
We had fun at Lowe's picking out new fixtures, the flooring, etc....This is the new light over the vanity mirror.

It used to have a tub and shower, but we did away with the tub and just put a shower in...we went with tile for the flooring as well as for the shower stall...It turned out great!

Okay, I dunno what I was doing, but I realize the next picture is blurry...but you still get an idea of how pretty the floor tiles are and the cool new laundry hamper.

Spike has had a blast inspecting everything...he's particularly fond of the new shower!
I love everything about this bathroom...the vanity is very different from any I'd seen before...

 I told you Spike likes the shower!

 Later on today or tomorrow I'll upload some pix of the special piece of art I got LoML for the wall....more soon...


Sue said...

So when can I come and stay then? :)

Hazel said...

Tell Spike that he is really gorgeous, and so is the bathroom

What Remains Now said...

It looks FABULOUS, and with Spike's "Seal of Approval" it's perfect.

Kat said...

Sue: You can come ANY time! :D Polly too :D Tho' I may need a day's lead-time to find my spare bed!