Saturday, September 7, 2013

Lindsey Stirling

How did I not know about Lindsey Stirling sooner?!? Oh my goodness, she's amazing. She has a CD of original music out which I encourage you to check out, but also has done some very interesting this one:

Makes me wish I 'd kept playing violin...(one of us really needs to start playing again sis', can play  this, right?!)

Lest you who only want to see critter pix feel neglected:
 I gotz my remote...turn it to futball and bring me my chipz!


What Remains Now said...

What an incredible performer! I'm getting the CD. Xander is a rock star.

Kat said...

Yeah, I downloaded it on Friday morning and listened to it three times on Friday alone!

And, yes, Xander is a rock star...and he knows it! :D

Sue said...

I do like that music.

Xander looks happy.

3acres said...

I'm blog hopin' and about fell out of my chair seeing a post about I came acrss her on youtube a couple weeks ago and have listened to her everyday since! Awesome stuff! I like all her stuff, but her video for Shadows and We Found Love are probably what I play the most. Very nice blog you have here!