Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Grand Day Out

I know I've been neglecting you, my four devoted readers! There's been so much happening....for now, allow me to tell you about Gwyn's marvelous day out Monday. She got to go to PetSmart with me. Even though we went ahead and let them trim her nails (which makes her tremble as she's sure that this time I will abandon her to them forever [despite prior trips where that's never happened]), it ended well when she picked out a new toy and used it to flirt with one of the employees!

Remember this commerical?

It's always been one of my favorites! Well, here's Gwyn's interpretation:  She picked out her toy (to be fair, I encouraged this one as it was on the clearance rack vs. the one the nice woman who was talking to her kept squeaking as it was full price...they don't last long, so it's rare for me to buy a full-priced one). She decided she would carry it around...she may be a bit big for the employee to pick her up to scan the toy! :D But I swear she batted her eyes at the nice employee who was admiring her after she dropped it at his if to say "I'm tired, here, you carry it awhile!" He put it in the cart for her!

Happy on the ride home (note: it's lying between her legs).

I made her carry it inside:
After playing like crazy, she was finally tuckered out. (Oh yeah. We also went through the drive-through at McDonald's where she got a cheeseburger and then stopped at the barn to say hi to Prince.)
Is it just me, or is it a wee bit ridiculous her sleepy grin right over the toy's grin?

And this is why we don't buy expensive toys:
Also why we try to supervise play....yes, the object closest to her tail is a squeaker. There's still one in there...


Sue said...

Gwyn, Hope you sorted that stuffie out. Please don't swallow a squeaker, as you know your mum will just film you making squeaking noises:)

Polly has got a little stuffing out of her stuffies, but luckily doesn't pull them apart.

Hazel said...

Such a funny tale, and so well told!
I can see that Gwen is a master at flirting, and getting her way!

What Remains Now said...

Gwyn is even cuter than the commercial!