Thursday, May 23, 2013

By Request

There's been a recent request for pix of Willow and Xander. I'm sorry I've been neglecting my blogging duties. It's still pretty wacky around here. Mo's back to chemo three times a day...will try to catch you up this weekend. For now, a few pix...please don't tell Willow that the only picture I have handy doesn't include her head! This was taken one night when I was lying on the bed watching tv (it's on the wall above the chest of drawers) and the kittehs decided to join me. But Xander couldn't leave Willow alone.

Xander's lying on what was formerly a just a ribbon...I ended up taking it away from him after he tried to eat it.
Sleepy boy! :D
This is the pose Xander ended up in one day when he was following me, but gave out!


Kat's sis said...

Who is that giant orange ball of fur, and when did he get as big as Willow?!!

Sue said...

They are so adorable (but don't tell Polly I said that:)).

What Remains Now said...

That Xander...he is Mr. Personality. Thanks for the pics of the kitties.

Kat said...

Hey sis, try *bigger* than Wil'! I don't know how it happened either :D

Sue, I promise not to tell Polly. Go hug her from me.

Lori, you were right...they needed some attention on the blog. Will give Willow more screen time soon.