Sunday, May 26, 2013

An Amateur Photographer's Triumph

So a while back I did this post telling you about some birds around the barn: Pileated Woodpecker They're really fascinating birds. There is a couple that have made a nest and hatched some babies. Mo's 'mom' got these fabulous pictures the other day:
Above is one of the adults with wings spread as it was going after a squirrel. Below is a baby hanging out of the nest, ready for mom or dad to come feed him.

Then yesterday I finally got a chance to get some pix of my own. Imagine our excitement when we realized there were two babies in the nest!

A silhouette of one of the parents up above the nest.


What Remains Now said...

How cool!

Sue said...

Great photos.

Haddock said...

Excellent. The photographs and the experience of watching them and the young ones is iteself great.