Friday, April 5, 2013

Remembering Oz & Phil

I was going through old pictures recently (the baby horse nostalgia started it). These are some I wanted to share...Had forgotten there was a time (before our last remodel) the kittehs liked to snooze like this...that's Oz on top and Willow underneath:
Oz always loved to show off the belly!
A fairly typical pose for Oz and Phil:
I got a call yesterday from a friend who had rather unexpectedly lost her boy kitty this week after a brief illness. While she's obviously very sad, we were able to share fond memories of her boy. Once again I was reminded of the fact that while the pain is great when we lose one of our furbabies after what always seems such a brief time, I wouldn't trade the love and joy they bring to my life for anything!!! All we have is today. As Sue says, go hug your hounds...and I will add your kittehs too! (Whether said kittehs want to be hugged or not :D )


What Remains Now said...

What beautiful pictures and memories. I horrible as it is to lose them, sharing life with them is worth it.

Sue said...

Lovely photos. I often look back through my phopto albums. Even Song's brings mainly smiles, even thought I only lost her last August.

They do live with us for too shorter time, but they know when they go to The Bridge, we can give a loving home to another one that deserves to know love.