Thursday, April 4, 2013

Funny Kids

Were you about to give up on me? Sorry no posts for a week. Even more wackiness abounds around here, but I'm back and doing the best I can...

Thought this morning I'd share some random pix of my funny kids. The first is proof of Xander's continued (and silly) love of dangling his head upside down when picked up. The photo quality isn't the greatest...took it with the camera on my new smart phone when there wasn't really enough light, but you get the idea.

And speaking of taking pix with the new smartphone, the following demonstrates what happens when you don't respond to his highness quickly enough. I was at the bathroom vanity and Xander wanted to be picked up to eat some noms. He very sweetly (and cutely) sat up on his haunches and put his front paws on my leg and meowed to be picked up. This is what happened when it took me too long to get the phone out and switch to camera mode (I still have the claw marks to show for it):
He still really loves his cube:
Not to be left out, Solana demonstrates her funny face when I caught her yawning, followed by a fun shadow shot:
And then there's Gwyn:


Sue said...

Xander climbing up your leg using his claws...Polly says 'what do you expect from a pesky cat':)

Love the photos, especially of Gwyn.

What Remains Now said...

Xander never disappoints. I'm crazy for the shadow picture of Solana. Gwyn can't help being beautiful...she's a Greyhound.