Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sunrise Serenity

I live in an amazingly beautiful place and try not to take that for granted. I believe that while I cannot change external situations, I can change my attitudes and reactions to them and that can make all the difference in the world! It can be the difference between having a great day and having a crummy day. An example: I live on an island. There are two bridges to cross to access it. One's a drawbridge, the other is not. The one that's not has major structural issues. The dept. of transportation had it on a list to do repair work and apparently when they started said work found out we were about to fall into the drink any minute! Bottom line: it's been one-lane driving over a temporary span since August and won't be done until April (at least!). They put up a stop light to keep us straight. It's added time to my commute. I could be vexed (good word for the day). Or, I could use the time to put my window down and snap pictures like these:

Other than shrinking down the file size for posting, these are completely unedited...shot from my car...I did have it in park, but was shooting across the empty passenger seat and out the window. Occasionally, I wonder what people think when they're behind me and see me whipping out my camera :D


What Remains Now said...

Beautiful. I've often thought the same thing because I've been known to shoot pictures while driving. The worse "car time" I ever had was when my daughter was in parochial school. Books On Tape made me feel like I wasn't wasting so much time.

Sue said...

My philosophy (sp?) is to try and see the positive in any situation.

Hope they get the bridge sorted, so your commute isn't so bad, but then again you wouldn't get those fab photos:)