Saturday, January 26, 2013

Queen of the Hilton

As promised, a  bit more about Gwyn's stay at the hotel last weekend. It was *cold* and even snowed a wee bit Thursday night:
As last year, the set-up started out about the same....Gwyn travels in her crate in the sets up nicely in the room and we brought her other bed too.
But this year something changed! LoML did not really approve...he thought she'd be ruined for good....but here's where she ended up:

Aw, Dad! I'll be'll be like I'm not even here!
Our room had two double beds...Thursday night Gwyn slept in her crate. The first number of times we left the room, Gwyn went in her crate. But then...we went out one time and forgot...and Gwyn discovered how nice the beds are in the Hilton!
Friday and Saturday nights we confirmed why Gwyn will never sleep with us in the bed at home...she takes up a lot of room!!! LoML had one bed and Gwyn & I shared the other. Well, at least Gwyn let me have a little of the bed :D But she mostly wanted to stretch out side to side...
I wouldn't be able to do it regularly, but I confess it was really nice to snuggle with her a couple of nights! Plus it was pretty cold on the floor.
Oh yeah. The fox went with us too. Best baby!!


Sue said...

I have a smalll double and I end up perched on the edge, whilst Polly has the rest:) My previous Grey never wanted to go on the bed.

It was a good job there were two beds, otherwise your hubby would have had to take the dog bed:) LOL

Polly has one of those foxes and she loves playing with it.

Loving the spots on Gwyns tummy:)

What Remains Now said...

This post has me roaring with laughter. Gwyn is so funny! She is a regular ole bed hog. I am so tempted sometimes to get one of the pups in bed with me, but with three I know the hubby and I would end up on the floor if I got that started. What a treat for all of you.

Kat said...

It was definitely a treat, but like I said, it was back to her crate once home! Not only was she a bed hog, she tricked me out of bed by acting like she needed to go out and then jumped back in and hogged all the pillows!!!