Monday, January 28, 2013

30/30 Update...New Boots

How's this for some irony: as I begin to transition Solana out of her therapeutic boots, I get one of my own!?
Okay, I'm totally letting my guard down here and not even trying to be fashionable...just getting real, folks :D I took this once I was in for the night last I was wearing pj pants with black socks and sneakers that didn't go with the pants! The sneaker is necessary so I'm not so uneven with the boot.

 Anyway, I can't remember if I posted this (I don't think I did) but I sprained my ankle a couple of months ago...maybe six weeks, I dunno. Here's how I explained it to LoML right after it happened, "I had to flag Gwyn for unnecessary roughness; illegal chop-block." Whenever we have folks out in the yard with Gwyn for the first time, I explain to them how important it is to stay still when a greyhound is running around you. They tend to like to play "buzz the tower"... you do the math, a 70 pound dog zooming past you at around 30 mph...a wrong move can be bad...This particular day, though, I took Gwyn with me when I went to the barn. She likes to play in the fenced-in yard there with Prince. He's a rescue shepherd-mix and a real sweetie who adores Gwyn. They have a good time playing. Maybe too good of a time. I made the mistake of focusing on Prince at the wrong time and Gwyn was still trying to instigate things and clipped me in the back of the leg. Fast forward: turns out it wasn't just a sprained ankle. Turns out I broke a piece of my navicular bone off. (Another nice touch of irony...while that is NOT what's wrong with Solana, navicular problems are another of the major serious hoof/leg problems you hear about with horses.) So, now I have a nice pneumatic boot to wear. It may not heal properly, but we're going to go with the extra support for now and see what happens.

Believe it or not, I'm still walking Gwyn some and Solana also. I'm not as fast as I usually am. That's taking some adjusting to. But as I've told some who have made sympathy noises about the boot, I've been walking around on it broken for a couple of months...this actually feels better. With everything going on I haven't tried to keep up with exactly how long I've been walking every day. But I have spent a lot of time this month walking. With Buster (my parents' dog), with Gwyn, with Solana...I reckon I'll keep hobbling along.


What Remains Now said...

Bummer about this slowing you down, but so glad you have it now and hopefully everything will heal well. Be good and wear it like you should, please.

Sue said...

Ouch! Hope you soon heal up and don't need anything done to it.

Hope Gwyn was ok after the collision.