Monday, September 10, 2012

Welcome to Monday

Yep. Never a dull moment around here. Hijacked LoML's computer to post this a.m. 'coz mine's decided it doesn't want to connect to our wifi any more. :::sigh::: At any rate, here's just some of the extreme cuteness that abounds in our house:

Series one: This is not from the same video I posted two weeks ago...this kinda' play is pretty much a daily occurrence.

I'm really not sure what to do with him!

Note the hound teeth are NOT intimidating the kitten

Series two:  This is how the kitties & I watched tv in bed the other night :D
 Series three:  Xander really likes the feather bird at the top of the scratching thingy that hangs on the closet door. This is his approach to getting it.

 Series four:  When you play hard, you sleep hard!
Series five:  You might think this is a box for cd/dvd'd be wrong. It's a kitten box.

Can we keep him?

It's also nutritious!
Yes, I do realize that "series" generally implies more than one item in each grouping...but what do you expect?! It's early on a Monday morning, I'm still on my first cup of coffee, and I've hijacked LoML's computer and his keyboard really does not have the same feel as mine! Consider yourselves lucky I got a posting done at all!

Back to be a servant to demanding kittens. Later...

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What Remains Now said...

That Xander never fails to deliver on the cuteness. I especially love Gwyn and Xander play sessions. One thing I know for can't complain of being bored.