Monday, September 17, 2012


Gotta' love 'em...except when you feel like smashing them to bits! Actually, my current issues are with my wireless network & my internet service provider...hence the commandeering of LoML's machine again and the shameful lack of posting of late...Anyroo:
More box cuteness

Chillin' wit my dawg!

Learning from the mistress of hound-food stealing

Always ready to roll!

Best kind of self-portrait...the kind that emphasizes the hound


What Remains Now said...

I hope you weren't planning on getting rid of the jewel case box. Looks like that is the new (and perfect) bed. I'm surprised that Willow is sharing the secrets. Very nice and generous, Willow. Poor Gwyn!

Kat said...

Actually, I don't think Wil''s just that he follows her everywhere :D