Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Walk

Gwyn & I went for an extra-long walk Sunday morning. It wasn't too hot and there was a really nice breeze blowing. We explored roads we'd never walked before and had a marvelous time...at least, until we got tired. Then Gwyn was wishing we could call LoML and have him pick us up in the car. Sadly, he was out in the boat and we were forced to make our way back on our own. We were noticeably slower, but made it with no mishaps. Here are some of the sights we saw:

Cool weathervane

Local mural--the sky & boat in the background are real! I know...it doesn't look like it, does it?

Mom! I see something!

It's up there!

They're in the trees!!!!

Silly squirrels...running around & worrying hounds!


What Remains Now said...

Our first greyhound, Paloma, was funny. When she was done walking, she would just stop. It made for a few awkward excursions. Your scenery looks beautiful.

Kat said...

Gwyn just gets slower...and s.l.o.w.e.r..... :D