Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I had an absolutely wonderful afternoon yesterday because I'm out-of-town for my job and it put me close enough to Greyhound Friends of North Carolina to be able to help with turnout. I love where we live and wouldn't trade it for anything, but I do hate that we're far enough away from GFNC that I can't volunteer out there. It was such a fabulous experience! They have some lovely sweet hounds out there right now.

I've posted birds flying pix before, and these aren't even that good, but they still represent a triumph of sorts. I absolutely love watching the purple martins that we have nearby. When I'm walking Gwyn they will frequently soar along the roadway, presumably scooping up insects...which pleases me greatly. Their aerial acrobatics are astounding! I've recently discovered that they're roosting in the underhang of Sammy's porch. Yes, Gwyn's Sammy :D (refer to earlier posts, including "The Neighborhood Gang" for more on Sammy.) These birds are so incredibly fast that capturing them on camera is not easy. I switch over to my sport continuous mode...but have still taken great sequences of nothing! I caught these the other day. Maybe one day I'll be able to get even better ones that show their neat forked tails and the lovely deep purple color...


What Remains Now said...

Very cool! They probably have a crush on Sammy too! Poor Maggie!

Kat said...

:D What's not to love about Sammy?!