Saturday, January 21, 2012

Therapy Dog/Greyhound Ambassador

Apologies for the lack of'll just have to wait until late tomorrow or even Monday. But I had to share with you that Gwyn is having a BIG weekend! Yesterday (after a very long car ride in which she again proved herself quite the trooper) Gwyn got to go meet my great-aunt in a quick visit to the skilled nursing unit where she lives. They're pretty laid back about short doggie visits. Gwyn was a little miserable in my great-aunt's room just because there's very little room in there and she couldn't figure out a place to lie down. But she was quiet and respectful. Then, on the way out, there were two older gentlemen that spoke to her. One was ambulatory, the other in a wheelchair. They asked if they could pet her, and when they spoke to her I swear she batted her eyes! She was perfect.

Then, the real adventure of the weekend began. We rode another hour and arrived at our hotel. We're here visiting with friends...a group we get together with every year. This hotel is pet-friendly. Besides our room, Gwyn is allowed in the hallways on the first floor and the lobby. She is delighted that all these people have gathered for the sole purpose of admiring her! :D Any number of people have commented on how well-behaved and calm she is. I snicker when I think about how she'd act if they came to visit at our house! Let's just say we're still working on not leaping on people to greet them at home. But put this girl on a leash and she's terrific. She's generating quite a buzz and we've been having fun extolling the virtues of adopting a grey.

Will post pix when we return home.


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Good job making the greyhounds look good Gwyn.

What Remains Now said...

Gwyn...hopefully your perfect behavior will get some new greyhounds adopted. Well done.