Thursday, December 15, 2011

Random musings

Just because...
Um, can I go eat my hay now?
My "big girl"...she and her buddy go in their stalls only to eat and then are turned right back out to finish up with their hay. My girl has always inhaled her food. Well, except for the part that she spills on the ground because she's a really messy eater. Really. I'm not kidding here!
Okay, so I was in my chair & Gwyn was looking particularly cute (something she does approximately 9,873 times a day) with her head on her blanket beside the Christmas tree. I was too close and didn't have the camera on the right settings...but I kinda' like the result. Sort of abstract!

I can get this shot (and have a ton of them on my computer already!) so many times it's ridiculous. And yet, even knowing I already have a similar shot...I feel compelled to pull over on my way home, take yet another shot, breathe deeply, and be grateful for the fact that I live in such an amazing place.

And finally (today), thanks again to Lori at What Remains Now for the Liebster...which inspired me to take a closer look at some of the blogs I'd checked out before and catch up on some of their 'history' and follow them more closely. There's some terrific blogging going on out there!


What Remains Now said...

Really cool pictures! I had to laugh at your comment about messy eating. Freedom, Casper and Nikki are neat eaters but drinkers...sheesh. Even now when I pass by the water dish, I think, "What in the world happened here!" Well, nothing other than my Greyhounds drinking. It looks like they get in there and splash around! I'm glad the award has been good for you and let you know that there are folks out there that enjoy your writing and pictures and, of course...Gwyn!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

WOW what a sunset! Good of you to appreciate something so common for you.