Monday, November 14, 2011

Monkey Business

Yesterday was a good day. Went to some church bazaars and an estate sale with my mom. Didn't get too much, but did snap up several stuffed animals for Gwyn. I find that bazaars, yard sales, etc. are a fabulous place to get hound babies. You can get them much cheaper than buying new, plus I prefer to try to find ones without squeakers and with fewer bits that must be removed. If you're owned by a hound you know what I mean. "Babies" are to be rationed out. I discovered with my first grey that you can, if they survive long enough, rotate babies in and out of the lineup...sneak one up & hide it when the pile on the floor's gotten too deep and then give it again one day and it's like a new toy all over again!

Yesterday's new selection is a great monkey. Perhaps this series will give you an idea of the ritual dance of the new baby:

For Me?
Why, yes! I think I will take him!
This is when Mommy realized the monkey's hands velcro to each other & embarassed me by wrapping him around my neck. :::sigh::: I was 'stuck' and couldn't move!

P.S. I started this post on Sunday, but had technical difficulties and am just now getting the pictures to load properly.


What Remains Now said...

CUTE! I love how Gwyn goes right for the face.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Gwyn, you looks all full of woe in that last picture. I can't believes that monkey is holding you down like that. The horror!

Wiggles & Wags,

Kat said...

Oppressed by da' man! Or da' the case may be!